The BlackMagic Atem Mini Extreme is great for premium-quality multicam video recordings; it is ideal for getting the most out of live productions and live streams. The 8 HDMI inputs can generate up to 1080p60 video output, while the vast and easy to understand control panel allows for full-featured broadcasting. Outputting your video can be adjusted to suit your needs, as this unit features 2 separate HDMI outputs, 2 USB ports and an ethernet port - you can stream using popular RTMP protocols, you can also output your feed as a webcam over USB. 4G and 5G phone support is included, so you can use mobile data to stream, while the audio inputs and headphone output allow you to harness a higher-quality of audio for your productions.

  • 8-Channel HDMI Live Streaming Switcher
  • Up To 1080p60 Support
  • Fast & Intuitive Button Operation
  • Multiview Monitoring