The New Fujifilm GFX 100 is Fujifilm's most advanced camera yet, cramming a huge 102MP Medium Format image sensor into a surprisingly portable mirrorless body. The sensor of this camera is similar in build to those found in Fuji's popular X-series cameras but it is 4 times the size. Image quality of this sensor is simply outstanding, with resolution obviously seeing a huge increase, as well as dynamic range. Physically, the GFX 100 features a detachable EVF with a vast increase on resolution when compared to the GFX 50s. Keeping things steady and blur-free, the GFX 100 includes built-in Image Stabilisation, while autofocus has also seen an improvement, in the form of an on-sensor phase detection system.

  • Built-in 5-Axis IS
  • Huge 102MP Image Sensor
  • 4K 30P Video
  • Rugged, lightweight, weather-sealed body
  • High-res detachable EVF