Canon offers many accessories to complement their compact digital cameras , video cameras and Digital SLRs (DSLRs). Accessories include camera cases, backpacks and camera bags, lens bags, batteries, battery grips and chargers, external flash devices, lens adapters and hoods, microphones, AC adapters, cables, eyepieces, wireless transmitters and underwater housings. There is also the Canon GPS receiver - the GP-E2 - a compact and lightweight, hot shoe mounted, geo-tagging device that is compatible with select Canon EOS cameras. Digital SLR cameras from Canon's EOS range are compatible with Canon's Speedlite flash products. Ranging from entry-level to high-end, there is a Speedlite to satisfy the professional and enthusiast photographer. Entry-level units are classified in the model number ranges of 200 and 300, the 400 models are mid-range and 500 and 600 models are the high-end Speedlites. Some units can also be used with compact cameras from Canon's Powershot series. Canon also produces a range of binoculars, designed for enthusiasts and professionals. Binoculars, such as the Canon 15x50 IS AW, feature Canon's optical image stabilizer technology, which allows users to enjoy high-magnification without needing a tripod.