A name famous in the world of Optics, Zeiss, are back with a suitable sharp prime lens, the Batis 135mm f2.8 lens for the Sony E-Mount. A full-frame compatible lens, the Zeiss Batis delivers a premium level and sharpness and resolution, fitting for the high-quality Sony models that it is designed for. As well as a long portrait-friendly focal length, this lens features a bright f2.8 maximum aperture so you can isolate your subjects, and experiment with depth of field. Built-in stabilisation enhances your handheld shooting performance, while the Linear AF motor provides a fast and smooth brand of autofocus - ideal for the modern shooter.

  • Bright f2.8 aperture
  • Built-in OIS
  • Rugged, weather-sealed construction
  • OLED display
  • Fast & Smooth - Linear AF motor
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