Tilly Clifford

Tilly Clifford is a visual storyteller based out of Sydney, Australia. Tilly works primarily as a wedding and portrait photographer. She’s incredibly passionate about what she does

When photography came into Tilly’s life her whole world changed. She had finally found the creative medium that allowed her to express exactly what she desired to. There is nothing Tilly loves more than to document people in the most honest way possible. She seeks to capture fleeting moments, real emotion and create stories in the process.

It was an incredible feeling for Tilly when she chose to devote herself solely to the art of wedding photography. It’s the honesty and emotion she sees through her lens that inspires her to become a better photographer. As Tilly spends her days shooting and exploring the world, she will never stop documenting. Her camera comes with her wherever she goes, not a day goes by where Tilly doesn’t take photos.


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