Social Media

social iconsWe hope you are ready to jump on board with us here at Ted's by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter or Google+ or Pinterest. We are constanty monitoring new technology and equipment releases to share so that you can be the first to know about what is happening in the industry. It is a full time occupation keeping up with all the trends and changes in photography but you can keep it simple by checking our regular tweets, pins, posts and messages!
Photo Competitions

photo compOver the year there will be regular photo competitions where you can submit your best pictures to win various hardware prizes but also importantly receive feedback on your images from your peers. We are looking forward to providing a platform for users to share some great photographs from the Australian community! View the winners HERE.
This Camera In Action

camera in actionOn any camera product page you will notice a section headed "This Camera in Action" which has a feed from photo-sharing website Flickr and Picasa displaying images created with that particular model alongside any relevant Twitter mentions. On our Facebook page we often post handy product reviews from various sources and any awesome photos that we discover surfing the web when we are supposed to be working!
Sharing Your Love of Photography

sharingDon't forget to check out our "Sharing Your Love of Photography" section (direct below and across our website) where photographers display their best photos with tips on composition and equipment that they used to create their image - who knows, maybe you'll be next!