Enhance the mounting options, stability and connectivity of your DSLR camera, with the Sevenoak Universal DSLR Cage kit. With your camera mounted in this cage, you will still have access to all necessary functions and compartments, while you can make use of the included mounts and cold shoes to attach external accessories of your choosing. The Sevenoak DSLR Cage also includes a HDMI plug protector, which prevents the HDMI from coming loose during use, and stops the port being damaged from repeated usage. This cage is made from rugged aluminum and it can be adjusted to fit your DSLR camera with or without a battery grip.

  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessory mounting points
  • Removable top handle with two cold shoe mounts
  • Sidepieces included to adjust height of cage
  • Rugged aluminum build
  • Quick-release baseplae