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The Profoto A10 Air TTL Speedlite is a world-class flash, capable of producing beautiful bursts of powerful flash, that emulates the appearance of natural lighting, but with far more consistency. Those interested in all types of photography will find a use for this Profoto Speedlite, whether you are shooting portraits or product shots, on-location or in the studio. If you have been avoiding flash photography, as you feel it can't possibly match the beauty of natural light, the Profoto A10 with its round head and resulting soft light with even light falloff is here to change your mind. Thanks to the unique AirX technology, you can use this flash with any device, from your DSLR and Mirrorless camera to your Smartphone. This is a flash that you can use to improve your photography today and in the future. This Off-Camera Kit includes Profoto's connect module, for easy firing of this flash off-camera - which makes for sunning creative lighting.

  • Includes Profoto's connect module
  • Long-lasting battery
  • AirX technology - Harness powerful flash with any device
  • Compatible with all magnetic Profoto Clic Light Shaping Tools
  • Compatible with all Profoto Air, AirTTL and Connect transmitters

The Profoto A10 Air TTL Speedlite is capable of producing high-quality flash bursts that mimic the appearance of good natural lighting, thanks to its unique round head and the resulting soft light with even fall off. This is a perfect flash for those that have previously avoided flash because they felt it was not able to match the beauty of natural light. The Profoto A10 Air TTL Speedlite can be enjoyed with DSLR and Mirrorless camera, but also with your mobile device, thanks to the unique Profoto AirX Bluetooth technology, which is also compatible with smartphones and mobile devices. This is a flash that you can enjoy now, that will not be outdated in the future.

The Profoto A10 is capable of lightning-fast recycle times, as well as long periods of shooting, thanks to its powerful removable and rechargeable lithium battery. For well-rounded shooting, the Profoto A10 features Laser AF-assist and a LED modelling lamp, as well as a flexible flash head with 90-degrees of tilt and 360-degrees of rotation. Rounding out the features of the Profoto A10 is a clean and easy to read display, simple user interface and compatibility with a wide range of Profoto light shaping tools and transmitters.

The Profoto A10 off-camera kit includes the A10 Speedlite, as well as Profoto's Connect module, which allows you to mount your A10 flash off-camera, and use the Connect module to fire the flash remotely. This is a simple and effective way to experience more advanced creative lighting solutions. The Profoto A10 Off-Camera kit is your portable studio lighting kit, for everyday purposes.

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SKU 120941
Price $1,759.95
Product Salable Type Special Order
Brand Profoto
EAN 7340027554319
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 901240
Metering TTL
Lens Mount Canon EF
Pan Left 180°
Pan Right 180°
Tilt Up 90°
Warranty 1 YEAR

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