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The Indra500 TTL Battery powered studio light dispels the theory that full powered devices must be full sized. Due to being battery driven, this Sync cord and Power cord free device is ideal for photographers on the move, affording you the flexibility to take your lighting kit out in the field, no matter where you are shooting. Despite being small in stature, Phottix have not skimped on any feature when creating the Indra500, offering 500ws of power, lightning fast recycling time, TTL capabilities with Nikon and Canon cameras and the ability for High Sync and stroboscopic shooting.

  • Can be fired wirelessly from up to 100m
  • 5000Mah Battery And charger included
  • Built in Canon and Nikon Receivers
  • Variable power - from 1/128 to full
  • TTL, Manual and stroboscopic modes

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A portable Studio Lighting kit - perfect for taking out in the field

Never leave anything to chance when it comes to lighting up your images, thanks to this Indra500 TTL Battery powered studio light from Phottix. This incredibly compact device offers you the versatility to take studio lighting out on location, meaning you can now control how all of your images are lit and with 500Ws of variable power on offer, you will be sure to find the perfect amount of light for every shot.

Maintaining Portability - No need for cords

The Indra500 TTL studio light is power cord free thanks to being powered by an included 5000Mah lithium battery. A charger is also included and on one full charge you get up to 400 flashes at full-power, meaning you should have enough juice to finish of your shoot, but if you feel you are going to run out, you can purchase an AC adapter separately.
To further enhance the portability of this kit, this device is also sync-cord free due to the built in Canon and Nikon receivers, making it simpler and easier for you to connect your camera and fire. For even more freedom and creativity, this studio light can be fired from up to 100 meters away.

Quick to recharge - Ready to fire

For photographers out in the field, speed is everything. Recycling times of the Indra500 are extremely quick, so you will not have to wait to take your next photo and risk missing the moment. With the use of the optional AC adapter recycle speeds are lightning fast, but they are still very quick when using the rechargeable battery - 0.1 to seconds.
In keeping with this speed-ready theme, the Indra500 is ready for high-speed synchro shooting, allowing for you to shoot at up to 1/8000 of a second - freezing even the fastest of moving subjects. Now you can replicate the types of photography that seemed out of your reach previously.

TTL Compatible

The Indra500 is TTL compatible with Canon and Nikon cameras, allowing for you to shoot as you usually would, whether that is with your camera set on manual or auto, or even shutter-speed or aperture priority. Exposures will always be accurate with this device and with very minimal effort on your part.

Further Functionality
  • Second Curtain Sync
  • Flash Bracketing
  • Stroboscopic Mode
  • LED Modelling light
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  • Phottix Indra500 TTL Battery Powered Studio Light
  • Reflector
  • Bag
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Battery Pack (5,000mAh)
  • Multi-Voltage Charger

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