High Definition Pro Posters

Printed Using 12 Colour Wide Format Printers in High Defintion

Heavyweight 190gsm Cardstock

Gloss Laminated Front and Back

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Download Pro HD Software Editor


100% Creative Control

Using the albumworks editor, you have 100% creative control over the design of your Poster. Use one photo, or a whole collage!


HD Quality Printing

All albumworks Posters are printed using 12 colour Wide Format Printers in High Definition, 16 pass mode. These Posters take four times longer to print than Standard Definition posters but result in greater ink density, less grain and brighter, more vivid colours. See your photos in a whole new way.


Laminated or Unlaminated

Our Posters are printed on extra durable, heavyweight 190gsm cardstock and gloss laminated front and back, which finishes them elegantly with a beautiful sheen and provides a permanent layer of protection - regardless of how much blu-tack you use! However, for brighter colours and a matte finish you can select unlaminated in the Shopping Cart.

Photolounge Pro High Definition Poster Sizes and Prices

30x30 Square Poster

from $24.95

40x40 Square Poster

from $34.95

60x60 Square Poster

from $45.95

75x75 Square Poster

from $55.95

100x100 Square Poster

from $74.95

30x40 Portrait Poster

from $29.95

40x53.3 Portrait Poster

from $34.95

60x80 Portrait Poster

from $59.95

75x100 Square Poster

from $79.95

100x133 Portrait Poster

from $99.95

40x30 Landscape Poster

from $34.95

53.3x40 Landscape Poster

from $49.95

80x60 Landscape Poster

from $59.95

100x75 Landscape Poster

from $79.95

133x100 Landscape Poster

from $99.95

60x30 Panorama Poster

from $49.95

80x40 Square Poster

from $59.95

120x60 Panorama Poster

from $34.95

150x75 Panorama Poster

from $89.95