Print & Create High Definition Features

Do you find your prints tend to be flat, and without the vibrancy of the original file? Nothing is more irritating than taking an amazing shot, but simply not being able to reproduce it accurately. Well, thanks to modern printing methods, Photolounge Pro can now do your prints justice in the form of a HD Photobook.


2400 dpi Printing Technology

Revolutionary New Printing

Revolutionary new High Definition Fine Lithographic print resolution technology allows us to print very fine detail. Printing at 2,400 dots-per-inch It’s actually a form of microprinting akin to that used on banknotes to prevent counterfeiting. This means sharper, more vibrant high resolution images that can print every tiny detail (as long as your camera can capture it!).


Hi Resolution Printing
230 GSM Pro Paper

Thick Luster 230gsm Photo Paper

There is no point having High Definition printing if you use bad paper. Knowing this, Photolounge Pro prints all photobooks on thick 230gsm pages, which feel like the pages a high-quality child’s picture book. You can literally feel the quality in your hands.

HD Photo Paper - As Good As It Gets

This paper has been made especially for HD printing, and can receive the ink into the page rather than sitting on top and smudging. This results in printed pages which make your photos look clear and as fantastic as they should.

 230 GSM Paper
7x Dye-Based Ink System

Ultra Wide Colour Palette

Aside from clarity, colour is the most important consideration when printing your photos. Photolounge HD Pro don’t just print using the normal CMYK array of inks; our HD Photobooks are printed using seven colours for a more realistic print than your average photo printing service. This means brighter, more accurate colour as well as ultra fine colour gradation which means no more colour banding! Photolounge Pro Photobooks use dye-based inks to create bright consistent colours- even yellows, which are notoriously difficult to print, come out beautifully.

 7 Inks
Tested For 300+ Years!

High Longevity. Tested to last over 300 years

We all like to look back at photos of family from generations ago, but these photos are notoriously delicate and sensitive to light. Photolounge Pro HD Photobooks are made to withstand the test of time, tested to main their quality for 300 years. This way you can pass your stories down for generations, as well as preserving your family history of generations past.


 300 Years
Stochastic Screening

Go against the grain

Conventionally, a printer will print dots in a straight line. Printing in this repetitive way can make the viewer aware of the patterns, which we call ‘Grain.’ These patterns may be tiny, but once they are noticed they can’t be unnoticed. When a print is larger this is referred to as the ‘Flyscreen effect,’ something which you may have noticed on billboards.

To eliminate this problem, Photolounge HD Photobooks print in a randomised way by using Frequency Modulated Stochastic Screening, a technique developed for Giant Format printers. By randomly dispersing the dots we can eliminate the grain detected by the human eye and make the images far clearer and with greater depth.

 HP Photobook