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If you are looking for a professional way to display your prints, take a look at our new Block Mount Display Boards! Our Block Mount displays come in standard photo sizes, and can be available for collection just 24 hours after ordering. Using an industry-standard adhesive, we fix your photographs to these 20mm foam core boards which are ready to hang as soon as you get home. Foam core is a much lighter and more portable mounting option than canvas and framing, making them easy to display.

This service is currently only available in store, however if you have ordered prints online and would like to get them block mounted, call the store you are collecting from and ask nicely if they will please Block Mount them for you.


Give your canvas print an edge with a Ted’s Floating Timber frame. You now have the option to mount your canvas prints inside a black timber frame to give your masterpieces a smart, professional presentation. Frames are available for Ted’s Canvas prints ranging from 11”x14” to 20”x30” with your canvas printed, installed and ready to hang. Floating Timber Frames are currently not available through our Photolounge online service, however those of you who opt to collect in store when ordering online can ask for this service by calling the store.

Canvas, Stretch & Frame
Instore Only

Size Price
11 x 14" Canvas:
12 x 18" Canvas:
16 x 20" Canvas:
18 x 24" Canvas:  $199.95
20 x 30" Canvas: $239.95

Block Mounting Only,
Prints Extra

Instore Only

Size Price
11 x 14" Block:
12 x 18" Block: $59.95
16 x 20" Block: $79.95
18 x 24" Block:  $89.95
20 x 30" Block: $109.95