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These days, it seems like photos are everywhere! You probably have photos stored in your online photo account, facebook and other social media sites, your phone, your camera, your computer, CDs, media cards...the list goes on and on. Wouldn't it be nice to just have one central location for all of your photos? Well, look no further! Your online photo account is the perfect hub to store all your digital photos. My number one piece of advice for this email is to transfer all of your photos to your online account so they are always safe and easy to access. There are several ways to transfer your photos to your account:


LifeSync is the latest tool that automatically uploads photos from your computer to your online photo account! Once you install LifeSync (it's free!), it will "sync" photos from your computer to your online photo account every night, so your account always matches your computer's photo structure. You'll never have to manually upload photos again, and you can rest assured that all of your photos are always safely backed up online should anything bad happen to your computer. 



Upload ButtonYour online photo account also has an area that allows you to upload photos manually from your computer, CD/DVD, or memory card. To access this page, log into your account and click "Add Photos" on the right hand side. The page will walk you through the easy process.





iPhone App 
Did you hear about the new iPhone app? This app allows you to upload pictures directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your online photo account. You can also view every photo from your account on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This free app is available now; download the iPhone app today

iPhone App


Mobile Device

Mobile Baby

Sending photos from your mobile phone to your online photo account is easy. To do so, create a four digit PIN code from the "My Account" section of your account, then send the photos from your phone to with your PIN code as the subject line. For more information, log into your account and take a look at the step by step instructions.