Photo Restoration

Everyone has old pictures sitting at home – photographs which are falling apart, faded or damaged. We desperately want to preserve them and to make them look brand new, but not everyone can be a Photoshop wiz, and sometimes old family photos fade and disappear forever.

There is a solution. No matter what's wrong with your photo, it's been seen before. And it's been fixed. Memories of your loved ones and cherished moments can be restored easily using our online restoration ordering system. Simply upload a scan of the photo you wish to restore and let our restoration experts take care of it, including those listed below



How To Order

Simply sign up with Teds Photolounge online photo ordering service here. Once you have signed up, scan or import your images into your online photo album, then go to the Restoration Section and select which service you would like. From here you can ‘Drag and Drop’ your picture into the editing template and then describe to us how you would like your picture to be restored. Then simply submit your order and checkout, and your restored picture will be available on your Ted’s Photolounge account after 3-5 business days. Once you have your restored picture you can print it up to an 8”x10” size, put it in a photo book full of other photos, or even make a photo gift out of it. Photographs are precious – they are all that is left of a moment once it has passed, and they need to be cared for. Take care of your memories and take care of your photos, both for yourself and for your future loved ones to enjoy.


Restoration of scratched, torn, spotted and/or faded pictures - $69.95

Using Teds Photolounge online service, you can restore pictures which have seen better days. The picture that you’ve had sitting in an album because you’re worried that it’s too fragile or too faded to have on display can be brought back to its former glory, ready to be printed and framed for all to see.


Black and White Colourisation - $59.95

Restore your photograph to how you remember the moment, by adding colour to your old black and white images. You can also draw attention to certain points in the photo, such as a bouquet of flowers, bright blue eyes or ruby red lips, by selecting to colour just those sections.

Digital Photo Enhancement - $29.95

Do you have a good photo you wish was better? Our Digital Photo enhancement lets you adjust some of the things you’d rather were or were not there, including the removal of wrinkles and blemishes, colour correction and of course…object removal. Be it a beautiful picture being ruined by some clown in the background, or a group photograph including someone you would rather not remember, everyone has a picture including someone or something we wish weren’t there. That’s where our Object Removal service can help – simply upload your photo under the Digital Photo Enhancement section and tell us who or what you would like to be removed from the picture. We do the rest.