Photo Book Ideas and Demo


Photo books are quickly becoming the most popular photo product on the planet. You can use your online photo account to design and create your own custom photo book. Display your pictures, tell a story, commemorate an event, and so much more! Just log in to your account and click the blue "Photo Books" tab to begin. 


You can also, watch the brief demo on how to create a photo book.Photo Book Demo


Travel Photo BooksHave you ever dreamed of travelling the world and writing about your adventures? Now is your chance! Tell the story of your travels through pictures and stories. What song were you listening to on that road trip when the picture was taken? How was your child's first airplane experience? What was your waiter's name that took care of you so well on your cruise? Details like these are what really make a travel photo book unique and allow you to relive your memories again and again.













 Wedding photo BookWedding photo books are some of the most popular themes for photo books today, but that doesn't mean that you cannot be creative! For example, you could create separate photo books for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. You could also create a book of candid shots from the wedding weekend. Create one book to give to family members and one to give to friends, each with different pictures and captions. Or, as a gift to your bridesmaids or groomsmen, create a photo book from the bucks or hen party, and write in the book why each friendship is so important to you. Just be sure to use pictures that won't get you in any trouble!









Family Cookbook

Cookbook Photo BookHere's one for the whole family! Gather up some of your favourite family recipes. Then, create a photo cook book: on each page, type in the recipe, and insert a picture of the finished dish. If possible, include a picture of the family member most famous amongst your relatives for cooking the dish. Include a "then" and "now" picture of the person if you have them, and write a short anecdote about the relative and the dish. Get creative and have fun!



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