Pat Whelen

We are excited to Introduce Ted's Young Gun, Pat Whelen

 Pat Whelen, is a Photographer and Film Maker from Melbourne.

He focuses on creating travel and lifestyle content. This includes shooting landscape photos, whilst filmmaking and creating short edits of his trips.

He is encouraged by the feeling of adventuring off the beaten track and having amazing images to reflect upon. He sees nature as a constant surprise, as the weather or season can change a location completely.  

Documenting all his adventures from hikes, day-trips, and travels abroad. Pat's Photography exposure has been significant from 2020-2021. He has had over 100 million views on his photos and over 65,000 views on his videos in 2020 alone.

Pat is excited to continue working in the content creation landscape, and see what lies ahead.


What's in his bag?

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