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With its long-reaching 50x optical zoom, this Panasonic V180 Digital video camera is your always-present set of eyes on your surroundings. Whether you are utilising the wide 28mm equivalent side of the lens to shoot your family gatherings indoors, or you are taking advantage of the longer reaches of the lens, the Panasonic V180 with comfortably fit in all of the action. Making this easy-to-use camcorder all the more enticing, is the fact that it records all of these events in stunning Full HD resolution. The 5-axis Optical Image Stabilisation does its best to assure your memories are stored for eternity without any bumps and grinds, while the backside illuminated sensor will keep them free from noise, clear and detailed just like you remember them.

  • Full HD Video
  • 5-axis OIS
  • 50X optical zoom lens
  • Level Shot
  • Creative control effects