For tackling portraits with your Micro Four Thirds system, look no further than this fast Olympus lens, the M.Zuiko 45mm f1.2. With a high-quality build, this prime lens is dust, splash and freezeproof, so your relationship with this lens will be long-lasting. Thanks to the range of high-quality lenses utilised in construction, this lens will perform exceptionally with aberrations and distortions well-suppressed. As well as the large aperture, this lens has been specifically designed to achieve bokeh of the most impressive quality, so shoot it wide open and enjoy the beautiful feathery backgrounds.

  • Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds System
  • 90mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Large f1.2 Max Aperture
  • One ED Element, One Aspherical Element
  • Z Nano coating - reduces ghosting and flaring
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