Sigma Sony A6000 Series (APS-C)

The Sony Alpha A6000 series of mirrorless cameras could be thought of as beginner and enthusiast-level offerings, with the Alpha A7 series being suited to more professional applications. This range of cameras is compact and simple to operate, allowing users from all levels to pick them up and start producing great results straight away, without having to spend too much time coming to terms with the ins and outs of the specific camera. From traditional landscape and portrait photography, to vlogging and other modern purposes, the Sony Alpha A6000 is a suitable counterpart.

The Sony A6400 is a reliable all-round mirrorless camera, its 24.2 APS-C image sensor being capable of brilliant still imags as well as 4K resolution video. As well as fast and quiet AF, this weather-sealed body includes a rapid 11 frames per second continuous shooting rate. An EVF is available for careful and considered compositions, while the tilting LCD screen is perfect for handycam style video recording, as well as framing POV shots.

The Sony A6600 is a multimedia-friendly mirrorless camera with reliable still image quality as well as UHD 4K video recording on offer. Autofocus is lightning-fast and incredibly accurate, while built-in stabilisation keeps all shots sharp and blur-free. Perfect for advanced video recording, the A6600 features a high-capacity battery, tilting LCD screen and both headphone and microphone ports; this allows you to pair the camera with an external microphone for better audio results.

A recent addition to the Sony Mirrorless range, the Sony ZV-E10 has the wants and needs of content creators firmly in mind. This compact body includes advanced video recording functionality, a side-tilting LCD screen for framing POV shots, and great audio recording potential; as well as both headphone and microphone ports, this camera features a built-in directional 3-capsule microphone, so you can capture pleasing sound to go with your videos, without needing additional accessories.

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