About Tim

Four years ago, Tim had just quit the best paying job he’d ever had. Tim was a manager in marketing, pedalling out a living working for one of Australia’s biggest companies. He learnt first hand that money isn’t the key to happiness and with a mortgage, car loan and new marriage to his name, told his boss he had to leave. Tim was craving passion in what he did for a living and was being pulled harder and faster into photography than anything he’d ever felt before.

It didn’t make any sense. He didn’t grow up taking photos, studying art or being creative in any way. He was going to be a corporate high achiever and live the suit and tie life. The reality of that dream though was suffocating him, day after day. Being primarily self taught, he used whatever free online resources he could find and read constantly. He barely slept between the time he quit his job and launched his business. He took photos all day, everyday for nine months before launching his business, specialising in family and wedding photography.

Within months, he was being flown around Australia to take photos and within a year, he had international bookings including USA, Bali, New Zealand, Italy, England and Scotland to photograph both weddings and families.


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Tim Coulson's Favourite Product

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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