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From humble beginnings taking snaps of her friends on throwaways as a kid, Melissa has graduated to shooting some of the highest profile artists and musicians out there. In true gonzo style, Missa (as she is known by her friends) has honed her craft at countless parties and kick ons, to capture her subjects at their most honest and spontaneous. Candid yet composed, fragile yet bold, her style is distinctive yet perfectly suited to catching a wide range of photographic disciplines.

While many purists shy away from digital manipulation, Melissa embraces the creativity and possibilities her software provides. Seeing the world through a detailed eye, she uses innovative post-production to generate unique and dramatic results.

Making her bones in Melbourne with The Operatives, and going on to shoot Melbourne Music Week, Laneways and Let Them Eat Cake, she has staked her claim as a go to freelance photographer in the Australian music scene, numbering Flying Lotus, A$AP Rocky and The XX among her ever growing list of subjects.

Never one to sit still, Missa continues to collaborate with a rich pool of Melbourne’s artists, graphic designers, illustrators and other creatives, adding her contemporary flair to produce alluring and provocative visual works.


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Melissa's Favourite Product

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