About Andrew

Andrew Peacock is an Australian doctor and a successful adventure travel photographer whose breathtaking imagery tells stories of the far-flung places he's explored. After graduating in 1991 Andrew worked as a surgical resident in California where he developed a passion for rock climbing and exploring the mountainous regions of the world. Around the same time photography entered his life and since then his journeys have been infused with a desire to return home with bold and creative images.

Andrew seeks to join or create expeditions that utilise his abilities as both a doctor and photographer and he has had some great opportunities in recent years to work on trips to places like Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Nepal and India. A dramatic landscape with people and/or wildlife moving within it is what really captures his attention.

Andrew's photos embody the look and subject matter of authentic adventure travel and his admiration for the landscapes and wildlife he encounters mean his images of the natural world are full of life. They cultivate a sense of wonder and draw the viewer into the adventure at hand.

He is a stock contributor to Tandem Stills + Motion, Aurora Photos and the Lonely Planet Images collection at Getty Images and has been published worldwide in numerous editorial publications.


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