26th November - Creative Exposure - Maroochydore   +$199.00

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Our Creative Exposure workshop studies the cameras Aperture and Shutter. As a focused group, we workshop the consequences of adjusting the mechanics of the camera for exposure and creative effects. By changing the cameras’ adjustable colour space options to your own taste, you will start creating your own portfolio of Creative Exposures.
We conclude this session beachside for an afternoon excursion of photography completing skill based challenges designed to give you our Learn by Doing experience.


Ted's Cameras Maroochydore - Training Room, 50 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore
Map and Directions

About the Course

Fun & Friendly classes with a limit of 12 per class

Start Time: 2pm
End Time: Sunset

AV and TV Modes; Depth of Field exercises; Panning moving subjects; Lens choice for effect. Field excursion with skill based challenges.