The Lume Cube 2 is a portable LED lighting device that can improve your photo and video quality in any condition. Indoors and outdoors, the Lume Cube 2 excels, thanks to its rugged aluminium build and waterproof rating of up to 9 meters. With up to 1.5-hours of runtime at full power, the Lume Cube 2 will provide ample lighting to assist you for your entire shoot, while at such a compact size, you can stash this accessory away in your pocket when it is not in use. This Lume Cube Plus Kit has been hand-selected to include everything you need to get the most from your content creation. This includes Lume Cube's full line of magnetic diffusers, gels, and modifiers, so you can soften, colour, or shape your light with ease.

  • Rugged build - waterproof to 9m
  • Easy to mount to tripod
  • 1.5 hour runtime at full power
  • Portable size: 1.6-inch x 1.6-inch
  • Includes hot shoe mount, warming gels, diffusers, colour gels, barn door and more.