Lomo Konstructor F - 35mm DIY Film Camera

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A thoroughly new take on a past love, is this Lomo Konstructor DIY camera. At its heart the Konstructor is a fully functional 35mm SLR camera, allowing you to view your subjects in real life through the viewfinder and capture quality analogue images. The catch is you get to build the camera yourself, from the ground up! Improve your photographic knowledge by gaining an understanding and appreciation of the camera you will be using.

  • Fun DIY Project
  • Accepts 35mm Film
  • Fixed aperture lens - f10
  • N (1/80s) and B (bulb) Shutter speeds
  • Easy to understand Zone Focussing

A fun DIY project that ends with the creation of a classic 35mm SLR camera

The Lomo Konstructor DIY camera is a quick and fun hands-on project that allows you to build your very own 35mm camera! Building the camera helps you to develop an understanding of how the camera works, hopefully improving your photographic skills by forging a special relationship with the creative process. Simple to do, you should set aside 1-2 hours for the building process and maybe a little bit longer for adding your own creative touches for customisation.

Once you have undergone the building task you are awarded with your very own 35mm film camera, a breath of fresh air and a nostalgic journey to the past, which can be very therapeutic in this digital age. For the older people, simply loading the film will be instant time travel to simpler times, while the younger generation will appreciate the obvious retro charm that comes with film photography.

Shooting with the Lomo Konstructor is both joyous and simple, with a few basic steps being all it takes to produce fantastic results. Composing images is done through a top-down viewfinder, which features a magnifier for framing perfection. Two shutter speeds are available (1/80s or Bulb) to suit your subject and lighting scenario, while a simple to use zone focusing system helps you achieve in-focus images. Learning the basics of ISO and film selection will see you better prepared for producing inspiring results.

Key Features

  • Zone focussing
  • Compatible with 35mm film
  • Tripod thread, PC-Sync Flash connection
  • Two shutter speeds - 1/80s for normal and Bulb for long exposures
  • Fixed aperture lens - f10
  • Knob film advance
  • No lightmeter means no batteries!
  • Focuses from 0.5m to infinity
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  • Lomo Konstructor F - 35mm DIY Film Camera (Assembly Required)

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