Andrew Goodall - Macro - Sunshine Coast University - $169

macro photography

Andrew Goodall has devoted his photographic career to the study of nature for over 25 years.

The satisfaction of operating your camera in complete manual exposure mode not only allows greater control of exposure, it completes your photography experience with a sense of self-mastery over the images you take. You will truly enjoy this hands on practical workshop as you become progressively more proficient with your camera during this workshop.


Innovation Centre, Sunshine Coast University, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs

About the Course

Date: Sunday 8th October 2017
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Tea, coffee and biscuits provided

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About Our Educators

Andrew Goodall is an 'old-school' nature photographer, self-taught from a young age. A stickler for the rules Andrew shoots primarily in complete manual exposure mode on his camera. His love of photography started as a hobby, grew into an obsession and then a business selling thousands of printed and framed images as well as post cards and calendars.

In 1992 with his partner Monica (now his wife) Andrew travelled Australia to start building a collection of images which grows to this day. While Monica has moved on to other interests, Andrew has continued to build a reputation which is respected both at home and internationally.

For several years Andrew has conducted the highly successful workshop "Photography Essentials" in his home town of Maleny. A growing army of past students - many of whom have become close friends - owe their success to Andrew's teaching, helping to cement Andrew's position as one of the leading figures in Queensland photography.

Join Andrew and the All About Photography team for this his latest workshop, learn more about photography, meet like-minded photography enthusiasts and make new friends.