Ted's Cameras Learning Centre

Sunshine Coast Courses

This workshop is for the keen amateur photographer that wants to polish up on their basic photography knowledge. You will be taught how a photographer thinks, as you develop an easy to remember method of operation. This includes a 5-step system to set your camera, calibrate colour balance and maintain correct exposure.

This session finishes at Sunset with a brief review of the images taken, to award bragging rights for best sunset image.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn advanced focusing techniques that will improve the sharpness of your images. Gain a deeper understanding of the depth of field in your images and how they relate to your aperture value and high magnification macro lenses.

This workshop is full of creative ideas you can replicate at home. Add to your photography skill set the use of LED and off camera lighting as you complete the skill based challenge stations. This session focuses on fun and having you take home some unique macro wall art.

You be the artist and create your own wall art for the home. Before heading out on our night excursion, a focused study group will be held to discuss the cameras advanced features.

The correct application of these functions and good camera handling technique will ensure we have an enjoyable evening of photography on location. You will add to your photography skill set and an understanding of long exposure techniques, white balance, focusing in the dark and painting with light.

Getting familiar with your camera’s wireless flash capabilities will allow you to take professional quality portraits at your next family gathering.

We will discuss the cameras built-in flash and external speed lights. Setting up your cameras wireless flash menu, practice various bounce techniques, and discuss umbrella and other light shapers that are available for home portrait use.

A type of photography based around patience and timing; photographers make use of everything from the sea to the sand to take beautiful and captivating images.

Commonly taken in the morning or late afternoons, seascapes often depict dramatic cloud formations and use creative techniques to create washy water effects.