About Ric

With over 30 years experience as a freelance photographer, my passion for the business has never faded. After studying photography at RMIT and working a few years as an assistant, I established a profitable business shooting celebrities from stage and screen for the ABC, Crawford Productions, Channel 7 and various television magazines. I learnt much about handling “stars” from people such as Barry Humphries, who could cut a young photographer down with one quick lash of his tongue! Amongst others were Dudley Moore, Deborah Kerr, Susanna York, George Hamilton, The Two Ronnies, The Jacksons, Iggy Pop and Billy Joel. During those years I photographed almost every international star that came to town, sometimes twice, once for one magazine, then for another.

On the back of these achievements, I moved to a large studio in Flinders Lane, Melbourne - the next evolution of Athol Schmith and John Cato’s famous Collins Street studio. At that time, there were many fashion houses on my doorstep so it wasn’t long before I was applying the ‘people skills’ gained from my experience in television publicity, to fashion photography. I soon had a very successful business shooting both fashion and publicity.

My experience in the fashion business led me to the Myer fashion account. They became one of my largest and most valued clients. For Myer I photographed all their fashion ads for press, catalogues and magazines. In 1985 I established a large studio in South Melbourne with three other freelancers working from there. I was shooting advertising for many of the large St Kilda Road agencies.

Over the ensuing years, I have also worked with many talented graphic designers involving photography for corporate reports - Telstra Foundation, fashion accessories - Sole Devotion, and publicity - avant garde dance company, Chunky Move. My weeks these days can be as diverse as shooting in a gold mine in the outback one day and fashion in the studio the next.

One of my other passions in life, as a licensed pilot, is shooting fine art aerial landscapes. I recently exhibited a series “Over Lake Eyre” and have an upcoming exhibition in March 2015, “After the Apocalypse”. I also shoot commercial aerials for The Port Of Melbourne, Melbourne Water and Santos to name some of the largest. Through flying to many remote parts of Australia in my own light aircraft and realising the amazing photographic potential, I recently created PhotoEscapades, a photographic tour company, which, in association with Ted’s, takes educational photographic tours to remote places using chartered aircraft. I love taking pictures, the people, the places, the challenges and the variety, this is why my passion endures.


  • Hasselblad Body + Leaf Digital Back
  • Mamiya 645df + 80mm
  • Zeiss Lenses: 30mm , 40mm, 50mm, 150mm, 250mm, and 350mm
  • Manfrotto Tripods
  • Broncolor Studio Lights

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Birdsville Races and Arkaroola

After our successful PhotoEscapades summer and autumn trips to Flinders Island, we now head off to Arkaroola in the Flinders ranges, the Birdsville Races and the mining town of White Cliffs.

Because we travel as a small group, Ric Wallis and one of Ted's photographic assistants, will be on hand at all times to give you individual advice suited to you, whether you use an iPhone, Canon, Nikon, or Hasselblad. We will also cover computer technique which you can adapt to whichever computer program you choose as well as subjects such as composition, camera RAW, and using colour and shading to enhance your pictures, plus answers to any questions you may like to ask.

We take small groups of people to enjoy and photograph the beauty of remote Australia whilst staying in the best accommodation available.

What could be more fun for passionate photographers than to fly in comfort to these hard to get to locations with their own equipment and, with Ric's know-how, take their photography to another level, arriving home with fabulous pictures?


Flinders Island - Photo Escapade

This adventure, for a group of six to eight, is located on the amazing Flinders Island in the Bass Strait, just North East of Tasmania.

Arriving after a one-hour flight in our private twin-engine aircraft on a Friday afternoon, we stay two nights at the beautiful Mountain Seas Retreat. Set in rugged wilderness, Mountain Seas is the finest accommodation available on Flinders Island.

Everyone has his or her own private room, unless you’re travelling as a double. The food is excellent, prepared by award winning chef Ann-Marie Wilkins, often using organic ingredients grown on the property.

Over the next two days we photograph diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged mountains. We travel as a small group, so there’s plenty of time for us to assess what information you need to take your photography to the next level.


Three Hummock Island with Ric Wallis

Breathtaking Three Hummock Island sits just off the coast of North West Tasmania. It is a magical place of granite coastlines, protected coves, sweeping beaches and surprising diversity.

Three Hummock Island has only 2 permanent residents and is one of the purest environments on the planet. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, inland lakes and forests remain largely untouched. Twenty kilometers away a Baseline Air Pollution Station consistently measures the air as the cleanest in the world.

Over the next two days we photograph diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged countryside. We travel as a small group, so there’s plenty of time for us to assess what information you need to take your photography to the next level.


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