The Kuvrd Silicone Lens Protector - Magnum is a truly unique, one-size-fits-most solution to lens protection. As well as protecting the front element of your lens, which is the job of a lens cap, Kuvrd silicone lens protectors stretch over to cover and protect your full lens barrel. With this product in charge of your lens, you can confidently travel to all edges of the world, knowing your precious digital camera lenses will be safe from harm. This solitary item can be used to cover either the front or rear element of your lens, it's your choice, while its adjustable sizes make it suitable for use with most lenses (72-122mm).

  • Use to protect the rear or front of your lens
  • Silicone material - stretches to protect lens barrel
  • Provides protection from dust, dirt moisture and shock
  • Suitable for most Mirrorless, DSLR, Medium Format and CINE lenses: 72-122mm
  • Well never fall off