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After our successful PhotoEscapades summer trips to Flinders Island, we now head off to Bali and Komodo.

Because we travel as a small group, Ric Wallis and one of Ted's photographic assistants, will be on hand at all times to give you individual advice suited to you, whether you use an iPhone, Canon, Nikon, or Hasselblad. We will also cover computer technique which you can adapt to whichever computer program you choose as well as subjects such as composition, camera RAW, and using colour and shading to enhance your pictures, plus answers to any questions you may like to ask.

We take small groups of people to enjoy and photograph the beauty of the world whilst staying in the best accommodation available.

What could be more fun for passionate photographers than to sail in comfort to these hard to get to locations with their own equipment and, with Ric’s know-how, take their photography to another level, arriving home with fabulous pictures?