Isabella Balisky

We are excited to Introduce Ted's Young Gun, Isabella Balisky

Photography perhaps found Isabella rather than her finding it. Influenced by her mother, once a social documentary photojournalist and now a media photographer, Isabella developed an in-depth understanding of photography. 

She believes that the process is as important as the Image. Each moment an interaction, a learning experience and a portrayal of communication between subject and photographer or photographer and viewer.

Her curiosity and compassion for wildlife, in particular, the smallest of nature's creatures, has led her into the realm of Macro Photography.

Isabella feels with macro as a tool, she can disarm any preconceptions you may have with the "creepy crawlies" of nature. Instead, she introduces you to the charisma of this world. Isabella has the ability to see the rarities of this realm and recreate it's beauty through her lens. 

Isabella often includes the natural environment of each animal within her creative compositions. Her focus to the viewer is the importance of our environmental decisions that impact the smaller lives. She believes in as little interaction with the animal as possible. At times Isabella will spend hours, researching, learning and waiting for the species to be in a position that succeeds her photographic vision.

Some days however it is just a matter of spending enough time with the camera and being in the right place at the right time.


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