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Extend the usability of your action-ready GoPro camera, and pick up this handy adventure kit. With just this kit you will find yourself best poised for capturing a variety of exhilarating moments, with its inclusion of a floating hand grip, head strap, and quick clip. The floating hand grip, otherwise known as the handler, provides steady handheld footage, both in and out of the water. The head strap provides stunning point of view shots, while the quick clip permits you to attach your GoPro conveniently to your baseball cap, or similar clothing item. To top it all off, these handy accessories come in a compact, carry-all case.

  • Includes the Handler (Floating Grip Mount)
  • Comes in customisable/compact case
  • Create POV shots with the head strap
  • Attach to a variety of clothing items, with the quick clip