Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

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Godox have updated their AD200 pocket flash kit with the release of this exciting new product, the AD200Pro. Once again, this unit is portable and powerful, with the truly unique feature of coming with two separate flash heads, each delivering a different character of artificial light. The Speedlight head delivers traditional on-camera flash, while the bare bulb head is best for a softer quality of light with 360-degrees of coverage. Suitable for photographers of all skill levels, this pocket-friendly flash kit features fast recycle times, an adjustable power output and a long-lasting lithium rechargeable battery.

  • Includes 2 different flash heads: Speedlight & bare bulb
  • 3 flash modes: manual, TTL & multi
  • 200Ws of power - adjustable in 9 steps
  • Includes lithium battery, charger & carry case
  • Lightning fast recycle times

Like the AD200 before it, the Godox AD200Pro pocket flash unit provides powerful and versatile artificial lighting in a portable package. This kit will fit into your current camera bag, and it will give you the flexibility to emulate all of your favourite lighting techniques with ease. Uniquely, this flash unit features two separate heads; a speedlight style head which is for traditional on-camera flash, and a bare bulb head which provides 360 soft lighting. This head gives off virtually shadowless light, and it includes optional reflectors for focusing the beam angle and directing the light.

The Godox AD200Pro is a powerful flash with 200Ws of power which can be adjusted in power in 9-stop increments. It features lightning-fast recycle times and is capable of very short bursts of flash - down to 1/15,380 sec. A rechargeable lithium battery and charger is included in this kit, which allows up to 500 full power flashes, or much more lower powered flashes if this is more suitable to your photography style.

The Godox AD200Pro features 3 different flash modes; manual, TTL and multi. The flash head features a built-in X1 receiver for exploring wireless flash setups, while it is compatible with numerous Godox transmitters for improving this wireless flash functionality.

More Information
SKU 107294
Price $499.95
Brand Godox
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) FG.AD200PRO
Dimensions 172x54x75mm (Without head)
Metering TTL
Guide Number 52m @ ISO 100
Wireless Slave
Warranty 1 YEAR
  • Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket
  • Lithium battery
  • Charger
  • Carry Case

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