Gary Fong LightBlade Flash Diffuser

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On-camera speedlights are exceptional, providing you with an amazing amount of power and versatility, but sometimes the light provided can be too strong and harsh. Enter the Gary Fong Lightblade, designed to sit in front of these speedlights Flashes, diffusing the light and therefore minimising shadows and glare. Especially useful for shooting portraits, the lightblade will help you to attain more accurate skin tones on your models, while the ability to shoot straight through or bounce the flash output makes it a very versatile piece of kit. Enhancing your studio lighting techniques, on the go.

  • Suitable for use with most speedlights
  • Bounce or shoot through capabilities
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to mount
  • Great for portraits, events and product shots

Gary Fong Lightblade - Help your speedlight to produce more natural and flattering light.

Designed for use with most speedlights, this Gary Fong Lightblade will help produce a softer more flattering quality of light, great for capturing beautifully natural portraits. Speedlights are brilliant at providing us with an amazingly powerful flash output in a small on-camera package, but this output can sometimes result in overly harsh and direct light with deep dark shadows. The Lightblade is able to harness this power while reducing all of these negative effects, resulting in soft and even light that will add a touch of class and professionalism to your photographs.

Like the rest of the Gary Fong flash modifier range, the Lightblade is remarkably compact and lightweight, enabling it to easily fit in your existing gadget bag and providing a high level of usability for the small amount of space that it takes up. Depending on the shooting scenario, or your personal preference you can choose between bounce light or shooting through the Lightblade, making the necessary adjustments and mounting the Lightblade to your speedlight easily - you will be away and shooting in a matter of moments. An obvious beneficiary of the Gary Fong Lightblade is the portrait photographer, but event and product photographers will also quickly identify its qualities and be happy to add it to their regular kit.

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SKU 113306
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 YEAR
EAN 813100019304
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) LB-01
  • Gary Fong LB-01 Lightblade Diffuser
  • Strap

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