--Pro Combo includes - Focus Motor, Focus Motor Rod Mount, Focus Wheel, Focus Gear Strip & RSS Splitter--

For producing smooth and stabilised views with your Mirrorless camera and your Smartphone, DJI bring you the Ronin-SC. A 3-axis gimbal stabiliser, the Ronin-SC permits steady movements in all directions, while a dedicated sports mode improves sensitivity on each axis, so you can follow the action as necessary. With its magnesium and aluminum construction, the Ronin-SC weighs just 1.1KG, while it achieves a payload of up to 2KG. Keeping you shooting for longer periods, the comfortable slip-resistant battery grip provides a battery life of 11 hours.

  • 3-Axis Gimbal stabiliser
  • For Mirrorless cameras
  • Up to 11 hrs battery life
  • Compatible with DJI Ronin App
  • Includes Smartphone holder