This DJI Osmo PT2 Charging Case is a remarkable handy accessory for your DJI Osmo Pocket, allowing you to safely store your Gimbal and charge up its battery at the same time. The spin-to-open design si quick and easy to use on the road, while the 1500Mah of power is sure to keep you shooting for longer. This unique charger and storage device includes dedicated space for your essential DJI Osmo Pocket accessories, which includes 2x Micro SD cards, 4x ND filters and 2x smartphone adapters.

  • Store & charge your DJI Pocket Osmo
  • Holds accessories: 2x Micro SD cards, 4x ND Filters and 2x smartphone adapters
  • Easy to use spin-to-open design
  • 1500Mah of Power