Street Photography Lenses

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The best street photography lenses | Canon, Nikon & Fuji

Street photography is captivating. The scene in front of you can change in a split-second, and as a photographer, you have to be quick, agile and adaptable. And to get the money shot before it disappears, you need to be able to rely on your lens.

The best lens for street photography is a prime lens. They’re fast, with a wide aperture, such as f1.4, f1.8 or f.2. Prime lenses also work well in low lighting, and tend to be less bulky than zoom lenses - which comes in handy on long shoot days.

Urban photography lens come in three common focal lengths: 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. A wide-angle lens like a 35mm helps you to fit more of your surroundings into the frame. By doing so, it allows you to add context to your photo, and hint at your subject’s story. Since they can capture so much scenery, these lenses are ideal for photographers who want to get closer to the action.

The 50mm lens is the classic street photography lens. It offers a perspective that’s similar to the human eye, and helps you to produce accurate, well-balanced photos with a natural feel. With a 50mm street photography lens, you can also blur the background to highlight your subject, and snap crisp photos during night-time shoots.

Finally, an 85mm lens is popular among discreet street photographers (and paparazzi!). It’s a moderate telephoto lens with an extra-long focal length, which means you can put some distance between you and the subject. This street photo lens is also great when you’re shooting from across the street, or from an elevated position like a rooftop.