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Without a properly calibrated monitor, you are basically putting the final outcome of your images in the hands of chance when you send them to print. In order to accurately control the outcome of your prints, you need to make sure your monitor is displaying true to life information and that's where Datacolour Spyders come in. The Datacolour spyder 5 Elite is a high-end calibrating device, with improvements in accuracy compared to previous models due to an improved colorimeter. The redesign of the Spyder 5 Elite, leads to it being physically suited to a wider range of surfaces, providing you with a device suitable for any monitor that needs calibrating.

  • Redesigned to be suited to a wider range of monitors
  • Redesigned Colorimeter for increased calibration accuracy
  • Integrated Tripod mount - Useful when calibrating projectors
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Spyderproof - See before and after results to review your calibration