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Canon has been a photographic industry leader for many years and the modern age finds no exception. Producing brilliant enthusiast favourite Digital Compact cameras and groundbreaking Full Frame format Digital SLRs has only helped this already legendary brand to grow in popularity in recent times.

Current advances into the compact-system camera format with the EOS-M range, specifically the new EOS-M5, have proving Canon to be an innovator, willing to move forward and stay at the forefront of the industry. Such forays into new markets including printers and Binoculars, show that Canon will be producing products of importance for some time to come.

In the DSLR field, Canon have forged themselves as a household name, producing model after model of top sellers. These cameras are prominent hanging around the neck of beginners as they capture timeless memories of their families and likewise in the gadget bags of seasoned professionals as they strive for the winning image. In the current lineup you will find such releases as the entry-level 760D, which is primed for day to day usage with wireless connectivity, Full HD Video and 24MP stills. There are enthusiast favourites like the long-awaited, action ready 7D MK II which can shoot at an amazing 10 frames per second and there are professional workhorses such as the newly released 5D MK IV, which brings with it 4K video, a 30.4MP full-frame sensor and lightning fast processing speeds. All of these cameras benefit from compatibility with Canon's huge range of lenses, including the top of the line, premium L-series optics.

Canon Digital cameras are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, with features to suit everyone from the complete novice to the most serious professional. Whether you are searching for a top-of-the range pocket camera to take with you on your next overseas adventure, or a high-resolution DSLR to help create pictures of a professional quality for your business, there is sure to be a Canon Digital Camera suitable.