This Canon premium super-zoom prime lens – designed for sports and wildlife photography – is vital for any professional telephoto photographer who is looking for a more light-weight super-zoom. While it is still 3.2kg, it is one of the lightest lenses in that telephoto range. With its fixed f4 aperture and L-Series quality optics, this lens has been designed for serious professional usage for any photographer needing pristine quality shots from a large distance. For sports photography, the lens contains 3 Image Stabilisation modes that allow you to maintain clarity whilst panning and tracking action, so you’re ready for any kind of motion. For wildlife photography, the USM built into the lens allows for speedy auto-focusing whilst still remaining practically silent. Even for portraits & fashion photography, this lens is incredibly handy at emphasising a subject from quite a distance away.

  • L-Series quality optics.
  • Fast, quiet auto-focus system – not disturbing wildlife.
  • 3 IS Modes, designed to capture different variants of motion.
  • 3.2KG – which is lightweight for a lens with such a large focal length.
  • Designed for professional usage.
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