This Canon prime lens – designed for general-purpose photography – is Canon’s smallest lens in their EF range. But don’t let its size fool you! This budget friendly prime lens is amazing in low-light conditions, thanks to its fixed f2.8 aperture. On top of that, the stepping motor (STM) that is in-built into the lens allows for incredibly fast and accurate focusing - for both photography and video. Photographers who want to travel lightly, whilst still maintaining the clarity their shots deserve will be pleased to have this as part of their kit.

  • Fixed f2.8 aperture – great for low-light shooting.
  • Fast, accurate auto-focus system in video and photography, thanks to the STM.
  • 130g – incredibly light in weight.
  • Pancake style lens – meaning it takes up very little room.
  • Sharper than most Canon zoom lenses in the same price range.
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