This Canon telephoto prime lens – designed sports and wildlife photography – is a must for any avid photographers’ collection. With its fixed f2.8 aperture and L-Series quality optics, this lens has been specifically tailored for professional usage. This lens is adaptable in most extreme situations. For sports photography, the 3 Image Stabilisation modes allow you to maintain clarity whilst panning. For wildlife photography, the USM built into the lens allows for quick auto-focusing whilst still remaining essentially silent. For portraits, the bokeh created behind a subject is unbelievably smooth, resulting in heavy emphasis on the subject.

  • L-Series quality optics.
  • Fast auto-focus system, whilst still remaining whisper-quiet.
  • 3 IS Modes, designed to capture different variants of motion.
  • Rugged and durable design.
  • Designed for professional/semi-professional usage.
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