Trade-In Quote

Our trade-in procedure is simple and works in the following way:

Step 1 - Contact Us:

Fill out the form below, call us on 1300 768 833 or visit your local store.
We can then confirm whether or not we would be able to trade-in the equipment and what estimated value we would be able to offer you on the items. Our sales consultants will get back to you ASAP with values and all other necessary info as well as the documentation we require on our side. Values are based on current market conditions in the second-hand market and the condition of the items and thus pricing will vary according to any changes that occur in the market and the perceived condition of the equipment. 

Step 2 - Inspection & Final Offer:

If confirmation is given that we can do a trade-in on your items and that you are happy with the estimated value, then a physical inspection of the items will be required to give a final go-ahead and value. Items are only inspected at our store and if you are unable to bring in the items yourself please ensure that the items are packed securely and safely to avoid any damage that might be caused during delivery.

Step 3 - Credit Made Available:

After inspection, a confirmed and final value will be given and if accepted the credit will immediately be made available for your planned purchase.

Step 4 - Pay the Balance:

Get the item you want and simply pay the balance.

Quoted values may vary if:

  • With inspection, the item is found to be in a condition that is different from the initially discussed condition. 
  • With inspection, the item is found to be different to the product initially discussed.
  • With inspection, a fault is found that you were not aware of. In such cases, we will either recommend a repair or arrange for the return of the item.
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