Ted's Contactless Trade-In Service

Trade-In and Trade Up Your Camera

Do you have some used camera gear that you’re keen to upgrade? Wondering where to go?

Trade-in and trade up at Ted’s! Trading in a used camera, lens, or flash is a great way to save money and get some extra cash or credit for your next dream purchase. Even better, you’ll be helping to reduce waste!

We accept used cameras, lenses and flash gear in a range of models and brands, including Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic. You can check if your old gear is eligible and find out your camera trade-in prices online, or at any local Ted’s store including Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Now with our contact-free postal trade-in service, you can trade-in your camera easily without the hassle of leaving your home. Follow the prompts via the link below to get starTED today.

Keen to give it a try? Check out the steps below to get started:

1. Check your model & brand

The first thing you need to do is check if your used camera, lens or accessory is currently accepted for trading with Ted’s.

What kind of equipment does Ted’s accept?

Trade-in Quote Trade-in Quote
  • DSLR Cameras (late models only)
  • Mirrorless Cameras (late models only)
  • Lenses
  • Flashes & Speedlites (brand name only)

Due to varying supply and demand for secondhand products, we only accept certain camera models and brands for trade-in. To see if your used gear is currently eligible, take a look at our list of cameras, lenses and accessories that we’re buying right now.


2. Get a quote

Next, get a free quote to find out your trade-in value. You can do this a few ways:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Call us on 1300 768 833
  • Visit your local store

Our Ted's representative will then confirm if the trade-in is possible, estimate the value of your used items, and let you know about any extra details or documentation required.