14th October - Complete Camera Control - Brisbane   +$249.00

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This workshop is for the keen amateur photographer that wants to polish up on their basic photography knowledge. You will be taught how a photographer thinks, as you develop an easy to remember method of operation. This includes a 5-step system to set your camera, calibrate colour balance and maintain correct exposure.

The group will reconvene after lunch to explore creative exposure techniques, then a short theory session is followed by a field excursion with several hands-on challenges to sharpen your new skills.

This session finishes at Sunset with a brief review of the images taken, to award bragging rights for best sunset image.


Hotel Jen, 159 Roma Street, Brisbane 4000

About the Course

Fun & Friendly classes with a limit of 15 per class

Time: 11am til Sunset

How a photographer thinks: Method of Operation; ISO; White Balance recap; Focus modes; Metering modes and Customized Colour Spaces.