Waterproof Cameras

15 March 2010 11:00:00 AM AEDT

In the recent storm about Lara Bingle having her photograph taken in the shower, as opposed to everywhere else with studio lights, one wonders what pictures might have appeared if the camera had not been attached to a mobile phone held in a hand commanded by a brain of questionable capacity but rather had been one of these.

Waterproof cameras are currently a big hit. This has become a very important category in terms of market share and as a result the cameras offer an excellent suite of features, most crucially that they are also shockproof as well as submergible. Suddenly adventure photography - think mountain slopes, surf, waterfalls, riverbeds and sea coral - is accessible with little risk in wrecking your gear. At last there are cameras available can take the rigors of travel, skiing and swimming. Just how much rigor can be applied will depend on the model. The potential to result in stunningly powerful images depends on nothing except our ability to get and and shoot.

Olympus has dominated this market category and their new flagship model, the Tough 8010was released into stores this week. Currently competing with it is the Canon D10, Panasonic FT2 and Pentax W80. There is no clear cut answer to say which is recommended as it always depends on the user, not the camera. For example, the Canon D10 and Olympus 8010 have can go to greater depths, however the Panasonic FT2 and Pentax W80 have larger zoom capacities.

It is important to remember that these cameras are excellent compact cameras which simply have a tougher body but are not therefore necessarily limited to those going somewhere exotic. Parents who mostly plan a trip down the street often consider them as the family camera so suddenly it doesn’t matter if the kids grip it, with fingers covered in cordial, in order to launch it out of the pram.

Their best feature, therefore, is that they can always be with you, even in the shower as it were. We can capture more of particular moments than ever before. The key is to keep our eyes open so we don’t miss them. Should Lara Bingle be in view, that shouldn’t be too hard at all.

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