"Transplant" Photo Workshop with Oli Sansom

11/12/2017 1:24 PM

Transplant is a one-day workshop anchored in the belief that in creativity & business, a constant state of curiosity is king, and is what will set you apart and keep you in love with your craft.

There's never been a more exciting time to make images. We have over 100 years of image-making history behind us, and everyone now has access to the same tools. 

So, how do we stand out and find our point of difference, and make something that will work for the long haul? We embrace getting uncomfortable. 

We'll throw "passion" away, and focus on the stuff that really matters: working hard to make valuable work for people. This is done through taking on an open and curious mindset, and setting a strong business backbone that lets us service that.

I'm pleased to be running these as my first workshops since 2014.

What You'll Learn

Practical Magic

Tricks in the bag. Sometimes it’s to help solve a problem, other times it’s just to keep us interested and curious. Practical magic covers some nifty technical techniques that will break us out of a rut.

Chasing dark: Manipulating light

How to find great opportunities in unassuming locations, how to move around and dance with natural light, and use limitation to inspire lateral thinking. We can do a lot with a little, and stretching the mind starts with scarcity.

Shooting film in 2017

Fall in love with the craft, intrigue your clients, & look like you know something the others don't. We’ll take a brief look at shooting medium & large format, how to meter for light, and how and where to buy, process & edit film.

Making & Breaking Storytelling

When everyone's marketing themselves as a storyteller, how do we *actually* tell more compelling stories? We’ll go over traditional linear storytelling, and then touch on dynamic ways of making humans feel through images.

Impractical Magic: Using Ambiguity

Some of the best work we make comes out of the gaps in the middle. The silence, the awkwardness, the tension. Find out how to use those tools in a calculated way, and let go of the type of artist you think you are.

From The Ad-Agency, With Love

The business end of things. Processes and workflow matter. We'll look at a lean end-to-end process, to avoid backlog, and the nuts and bolts of making the business tick so creativity can shine.


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