Top 5 Waterproof Cameras - 2017

20/11/2017 2:34 pm

Worried about taking pictures at the beach or by the pool because your camera might get wet?
Well, camera manufacturers have been working on this issue for some time now, and this year are offering more solutions than ever before.

We've put together our "Top 5 Picks", covering the whole range from entry-level to advanced interchangeable lens systems.


1: The Budget Friendly Camera

This easy to use, family friendly Nikon W100 is all the more enticing to the busy user, when its rugged feature set is taken into account.

Waterproof to 10m, as well as shock, dust and freeze proof, the Nikon Coolpix W100 is safe to use for days at the pool, beach or participating in any other action-packed leisure activity, with full confidence.

The easy to understand menu is great for all ages, as is the easy-to-hold rounded body with grip. Performance-wise the W100 doesn’t disappoint with excellent 13MP stills, Full HD videos and Bluetooth connectivity to Nikon’s own SnapBridge.


  • 13MP stills
  • Full HD video
  • 3X Optical Zoom
  • Waterproof 10m, shockproof 1.8m, dust & freeze-proof
  • Available in three colours

2: The Action-Cam

Doubling as an ultra-compact camera and as a full-featured action-cam, the GoPro Hero 5 Black is as comfortable on the ski slopes and mountain bike trails as it is on the beach or by the pool.

GoPro is a name that we have all come to think of in regards to action and adventure has returned with a typically fresh and exciting New range. This model takes its seat at the top of the class thanks to phenomenal feature set and rugged build. 4K video and 12MP stills are the main specifications from a capture point of view, but the Hero 5 Black has much more to offer. Waterproof to 10 meters without a housing, the Hero 5 Black is prepped for action, while the rear touch display, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and voice control make it simpler and more intuitive than any past model of the Adventure Video Camera line.

  • 4K Video
  • 12MP stills
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice control
  • 10M Waterproof

3: The Original

In the beginning, there was only one option for shockproof & waterproof cameras, that brand was Olympus.

Continuing on with their tradition of full featured compact cameras, the latest model TG5 is sure to impress. Featuring a new image sensor and processor, significant improvements have been made to image quality, while the same tough characteristics have bee embraced, resulting in a camera that is shock and crushproof, and waterproof to 15m.

In a move that will appeal to those familiar with the great outdoors, this new Olympus Tough camera can record important data, such as your coordinates and the temperature thanks to its Field Sensor System.


  • Fast f2, 4x optical zoom lens
  • 4K resolution video
  • RAW image capture
  • 15M waterproof, 2.1M shockproof & 100kg crushproof
  • Built-in WiFi, GPS & Compass



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