Ted's Top 5 Compact Cameras

23/01/2020 11:04 am

Smartphone cameras have improved at such a rapid rate that many people now rely on their mobiles for taking simple snaps on the go. But if you think that means the compact camera is a thing of the past, think again. Today, compact cameras are lighter and more powerful than ever before, allowing users to benefit from maximum convenience without sacrificing the quality of their images and video content. 


Whether you’re looking for compact travel cameras, the best for professional photographers, or a budget camera perfect for beginners, here are our top picks of the best compact digital cameras.

The Canon Powershot G7X Mark III is a more-traditionally sized compact camera than some previous advanced digital compacts, safely slipping into a pocket so you can travel about worry-free and light on your feet.


The G7X Mark III is sleek and stylish in appearance - but it’s the large 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor inside that really impresses. Continuous shooting can be done with ease, at a maximum of 30 frames per second (with fixed AF), which is excellent for its class, while RAW image capture allows you to seek every possible detail out of your images. Vlogging is also well supported, with this petite high-performer offering 4K video, an external mic-input and more advanced features, such as clean HDMI output.

Ted's top 5 compact cameras

The lens at the front of the G7X Mark III features a usable zoom range and bright f1.8-2.8 aperture, while smartphone users will appreciate the touchscreen-heavy menu operation and built-in WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

What more could you ask for in a camera than something that is easy to use, suitable for capturing a variety of subjects, and fits snugly in your pocket? If you’re looking for something that fits the bill, look no further than the Canon Powershot SX740HS.


Although the SX740HS looks like an average point and shoot camera, it features a huge 40x optical zoom lens, which covers an equivalent range of 24-960mm. This range makes the camera ideal for everything from portraiture and wildlife shots to sports and landscape photography.


The SX740HS also features a 180-degree tilting LCD at the rear, so you can turn the lens on yourself and your travel party and be sure to capture the most flattering angles. The 20.3MP CMOS sensor of this Canon Powershot camera delivers pleasing still results, as well as videos in crystal-clear 4K resolution.

The RX100 VI may be compact, but it certainly packs a punch with its array of cutting-edge new functions. With a versatile 24-200mm 8x zoom range and 1-inch 20.1MP Exmor RS CMOS Sensor, this camera will help you capture high quality images every time.


Users will enjoy lightning-fast AF speeds with on-sensor phase detection autofocus - so any high speed action images can be captured without distortion or blur. The exceptional 24 frames per second continuous shooting capability also makes it possible to capture high quality pictures in a burst, so you'll never miss out on any details.

Ted's top 5 compact cameras

In addition, this camera boasts some excellent vlogging friendly features in a portable body with pop-up EV. Users will love the 4K Video and 3-inch tilting screen - plus excellent compatibility with handgrips and tripods for extra support - as well as the ability to easily stop and start their video recording. Built-in Image Stabilisation allows users to enjoy the newly extended zoom range with confidence, and it ensures all content creation is silky smooth and extra crisp.

Ted's top 5 compact cameras

As with other offerings in Panasonic’s fan-favourite TZ range, the TZ220 is poised to produce remarkable results in a portable package. This model is a slight detour, however, thanks to its much larger 20MP image sensor, which measures 1-inch in size. 


This increase in sensor size results in image quality that far exceeds that of your basic Digital Compact Camera, with the trade-off being a necessary decrease in zoom range - although the 15x optical zoom of the TZ220 is still nothing to sniff at!

As well as a 3-inch touch LCD screen, which is great for making the most of the 4K video resolution of the TZ220, users will be pleased to find a high-res EVF is also available to compose images. A seasoned travel photographer’s dream, the Panasonic Lumix TZ220 features a powerful built-in stabilisation system, which helps to capture shake-free pictures in the dark and makes it possible to leave the mini tripod behind for nights on the town.

Fujifilm continues to refine its popular retro-inspired X100 range with this latest model in the series, the X100F. Physically, you could be mistaken for thinking not much has changed with the X100F, but a closer inspection reveals a reshuffle in button placement, as well as an additional shooting dial, all of which deliver an improved user experience.


The X100F is home to an ergonomic design, with well-placed buttons and dials for all essential adjustments making it perfect for photographers who prefer shooting with manual settings. The 23mm f2 Fujinon lens is sharp and fast, with its 35mm equivalent focal length suiting general purpose photography as well as landscapes,street photography and travel.


Internally, you’ll find an improved 24MP APS-C X-trans sensor. This is the same as that found in some of Fuji's X-series Mirrorless cameras, which is quite a feat for a digital compact camera. The X100F could be looked upon as a timely update - Fuji is careful to make enough necessary adjustments while leaving the spirit of the camera untouched.

Good things sometimes come in small packages

The right camera can turn your casual photography hobby into a lifelong passion. Particularly when you’re just starting your photography journey, it’s important to choose a camera that suits your ability level, photography style, and budget. While there’s no one ‘right camera’ for everyone, our range of compact digital cameras is a great place to start.


If you’re an advanced beginner looking to upgrade your gear, check out our guide to the best digital cameras for photography or get expert advice by heading into your local Ted’s store today!


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