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12/11/2018 4:04 PM

Best Advanced Compact Cameras

For some time it seemed like the compact camera may have been a thing of the past. Smartphone cameras had improved at such a rate, that many couldn’t see the need to carry a camera as well, while anyone wanting a better quality image could reach for a now-lower-priced DSLR.

Here are our picks of the best advanced compact cameras.

Canon Powershot G1X III

If at first glance the Canon Powershot G1X III doesn’t seem too compact, take a look over the specifications and consider where it sits in the market. Feature-wise the G1X III borrows heavily from Canon’s interchangeable lens models, namely the 24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor, wide ISO range and speedy Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Appealing to both beginners and enthusiasts who are both looking for a simplified, yet user-friendly camera, the lens on the front of this camera is fixed, offering a versatile 3x optical zoom range and fast f2.8-5.6 aperture rating.

Also noteworthy is the camera’s weather-sealed, rugged body and continuous shooting rate which tops out at 9 frames per second with fixed AF.

Best Advanced Compact Cameras

Best Advanced Compact Cameras

Canon Powershot G9X II

The Canon Powershot G9X Mark II is a more-traditionally sized compact camera than the previously discussed G1X Mark III, safely slipping into your shirt pocket so you can continue on your travels around town.

The body, made of metal and composite feels anything but flimsy, but it is the internals that really impresses, with a large 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor. Continuous shooting can be done at up to 8 frames per second, which is decent for its class, while RAW image capture allows you to eek every possible detail out of your images.

The lens at the front of the G9X Mark II features a usable zoom range and fast f2.8-4.9 aperture, while smartphone users will appreciate the touchscreen-heavy menu operation.

Sony RX100 Mark III

In its third iteration of the popular RX100 series, Sony has provided enthusiasts with another classy compact camera that will appease the quality seekers, while retaining a compact size.

Internally, the RX100 Mark III features a high-resolution 1-inch sensor and BIONZ X processor, which pair with the fast 24-70mm zoom lens to create wonderfully detailed and sharp pictures. This Zeiss lens features numerous advanced elements to ensure image quality is consistent throughout usage, so you can zoom, point and fire without too much consideration.

With its versatile composition options of a tilting LCD screen and pop-up high-resolution EVF, it still baffles that Sony can cram so much power in performance in such a portable body. 

Best Advanced Compact Cameras

Regular Price: $799.95

Special Price $749.95


Best Advanced Compact Cameras

Panasonic LX100 II

Using a 17MP Micro Four Thirds sensor, the LX100 Mark II is a user-friendly, more portable way to explore the quality of the popular MFT mirrorless system. Not the first release in this range, the Mark II enhances resolution, as well as adding a Bluetooth connection and a handy touchscreen to keep the camera more in line with the modern needs of users.

Great for the traveller and street photography enthusiast, this camera is more versatile than the similarly-retro Fujifilm X100F, thanks to the 3.1x optical zoom lens, with an f1.7-2.8 maximum aperture for premium low-light performance.

As well as 4K resolution video, this classically-inspired compact camera can fire off shots at a burst rate of 11 frames per second, making it a solid choice for all-around everyday shooting.

Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm continues to redesign and refine their exceptionally popular retro-inspired X100 range, with this brand new X100F.

Physically you could be mistaken for thinking not much has changed with the X100F, but a closer inspection will reveal a reshuffle in button placement and an extra dial which has all been carried out to hopefully deliver an improved user experience. Internally you will be pleased to find an improved 24MP X-trans sensor, while a change in the battery to the same type used in Fuji’s interchangeable lens range leads to increased battery life and faster performance.

Once again Fuji is taking the approach of making any critical and necessary adjustments while leaving the already successful components untouched.

Best Advanced Compact Cameras

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